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Star Control: Origins

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Star Control: Origins is a space exploration game by Stardock Entertainment. It was released on 20 September 2018 for Windows. Following in the footsteps of the seminal Star Control series, it features a massive procedurally-generated galaxy for you to explore and figure out a way to protect humanity from the Scryve Empire, which decided that humans are a warlike race of immense potential that needs to be prevented from ever reaching the heights of their ability.

You captain the first interstellar space ship created by humanity, The Vindicator. Flying the Star Control banner, it's your mission to explore space, find a solution to the threat humanity faces, and go on countless adventures in the process. You're given free reign as to how to achieve your goals. Villain? Hero? Someone in between? As long as Earth is safe, any action you take will be sanctioned.

It's 2088 and it's time to reach for the stars.

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