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Scryve Empire

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Hmm, who to exterminate today?

The Scryve Empire is the principal antagonist of Star Control: Origins. Their homeworld is ? located in the ? system. Originally a young race uplifted by the Faction of Eight, the Scryve eventually rebelled against their "parents", driving them all out of the universe. Without their meddling, the Scryve began to expand and uplift entire civilizations, while experimenting with the Precursor tech in their possession. In time, they turned from benevolent overseers into ruthless overlords, obliterating species that stood in their way or had the potential to challenge their position in the order of the universe.

Humanity fits into that last category, and was promoted to the role of "highest possible threat" after the Scryve evaluated radio transmissions received from a small yellow star in the backwater of the Orion's Spur, deciding that humanity's aggression and tremendous ability to advance technologically were a threat they could not abide.

Codex[edit | edit source]

The Scryve appear to be large carbon-based lifeforms with a centaur-like body. It has been difficult to get much information beyond this due to their propensity for ceremonial armor as well as other more urgent reasons.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Faction Relationship Aggressiveness
Drenkend Allies Neutral
Greegrox Neutral Neutral
Human Enemy Bold
Measured Allies Neutral
Menkmack Allies Neutral
Mowlings Allies Neutral
Mu'Kay Allies Neutral
Phamysht Enemy Bold
Pinthi Enemy Bold
Trandals Allies Neutral
Tywom Allies Neutral
Xraki Enemy Cowardly

Achievements[edit | edit source]

The following achievements are related to the Scryve: