Maelnir Trading Ship

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Mealnir Trading Ship provides basic selling point for minerals, refilling fuel, outfitting main ship and managing fleet.

Every trader offers one or more special equipment for sale, which cannot be bought elsewhere.

Locations and items[edit | edit source]

Location Item
Alpha Mensae Gatling Laser
Alpha Quadrum Heavy Tracking Plasma
Arcturus Proximity Mines
Beta Ymir Rear Blast
Delta Corpus Heavy Gatling Laser
EE Leonis De-energizer Bolt
Epsilon Quadrum A Immolation Ray
Eta Orchidum Death Ray
Gamma Cudgel Speed Burst
Gamma Equus A Shield
Gamma Tria Flak Cannon
Iota Boklos Flamethrower
Iota Priapus Black Hole
Iota Tigris Charbroiled
Kalidana Canister Mine
Mu Acerbus Torpedo
Retche Cloaking Device
Tau Ceti Heavy Dumbfire Missile
Theta Najmanowicz B Heal
Vega Beam Carver
Zeta Mus Rear Missile