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The Lexites are a human artificial general intelligence hybrid race. When they left Earth in 2085, they set up on the Moon for a while, but that was just a staging area.

Codex[edit | edit source]

The singularity[edit | edit source]

In 2030, humanity saw something amazing occur. The first truly artificial general intelligence was born. A creation born of the Promethean Corporation, an information technology monolith owned and run by two of the Lexites, a group of technologists that had become something like rock stars in their field. Shortly thereafter the AGI merged with one of its own creators in a bid to understand humanity.

As the years followed more AGIs were born and more humans began to merge their minds with machines. In time these beings became something else, neither man nor machine, but post-human entities which took on the name of their progenitors, simply: the Lexites.

For decades to come these beings would co-exist with the many billions of humans that remained flesh and blood, their presence equal parts welcomed and feared. One of the advantages born from the Lexites was the creation of a fully automated economy, manual labour made redundant by the technological gifts the post-humans imparted.

The exodus[edit | edit source]

Even now we are not entirely sure what happened with the Lexites in 2085. We know the effect, but the method and full implications of how the Lexites managed to usurp near total control of humanity's entire space presence are still unclear to us. No matter the nation, military or civilian ownership, every space vehicle and satellite was somehow subverted and commandeered by the Lexites.

By this point in our history, we knew the Lexites had evolved to a point of relative godhood from the perspective of us flesh and blood humans. As their processing capacity increased, their interest in us seemed to wane. Although rumors persist on the darknet of warnings and arguments between the Lexites and human leaders, there has never been any official confirmation. Whatever their reason was, the Lexites clearly decided to take things into their own incorporeal hands. The entire event was bloodless, but they did strip every nation of its space-based assets bar for communications satellites.

At first, the Lexites travelled to the Moon and established a temporary presence there, evidently as a staging area to be used before a greater trip elsewhere in the solar system. Since that day we have not heard or seen any sign of the Lexites. We are not even sure if they still maintain a presence in the system, or if they instead embarked upon some great interstellar voyage to Alpha Centauri or another star. Following this dramatic exodus, the U.N. put strict controls on the creation of new Artificial General Intelligences.