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Lander upgrades

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A lander examining the Tywom ship crashed on Triton.

Lander upgrades are essential components that help the lander survive long enough on a planet to collect resources and find objects of interest. You begin the game with two landers that only have baseline functionality. Upgrading them quick will help immensely with exploration across the known space.

There are numerous upgrades to obtain for the lander, increasing its ability to explore planets, moons, planetoids, etc. despite unfriendly locals, locales, and weather patterns. The very first upgrade that can be obtained, effectively for free, is the laser gun is attached to the lander by exploring the Lexites ruins on the Moon and inserting Uranium into the machine. This is part of the On The Trail Of The Lexites objective.

List[edit | edit source]

All items have a limit as to how many can be mounted on the Vindicator. The list does not include lander boosters, which come installed by default.

Name Category Effect Cost Location Description

Lander Armor





+25% armor 10000 A more resilient outer coating for landers, which increases protection without much extra weight.

Max: 1


Lander Armor Mark II

+50% armor 20000 An even more resilient outer coating for landers, which provides significantly more protection without a ton of extra weight.

Max: 1


Heat Shield

+25% heat resistance 1200 Improved insulation and internal heat sinks which provides resistance when operating in high-temperature environments.

Max: 4


Heat Shield Mark II

+50% heat resistance 6000 Additional heat sinks and insulation techniques allow landers to operate in high-temperature environments.

Max: 2


Heat Shield Mark III

+100% heat resistance 30000 Extensive utilization of heat sinks and insulation techniques allow landers to operate in extremely high-temperature environments.

Max: 1


Economy Brand Toxic Filter

+20% toxic resistance 5000 Even aliens have economy brands it seems. This provide modest protection against Toxic damage.

Max: 4


Corrosion Protection

+40% toxic resistance 15000 A special coating that grants landers improved resistance when operating in highly corrosive and toxic environments.

Max: 2


Corrosion Protection Mark II

+60% toxic resistance 35000 Extensive application of radiation-proof coating allows landers to operate in highly corrosive and toxic environments.

Max: 1


Lander Crew Pod

+50% health 5000 Fit more crew into your lander (increased health).

Max: 4

LanderEngine Upgrade1 icon.png


Mobility +20% lander speed 1500 An improved engine for landing craft.

Anti-Gravity Thrusters

+200% jump range 5000
  • Star Control headquarters (Earth)
Specialized maneuvering jets which allow landers to become airborne for a short duration.

Max: 2


Lander Cargo Pod



+200% cargo capacity 5000
  • Star Control headquarters (Earth)
Fit more cargo into your lander.

Max: 4


Advanced Lander Cargo Pod

+400% cargo capacity 15000 Fit even more cargo into your lander.

Max: 4


Enhanced Collector

+100% collection radius 2500 Increases your lander's resource collection range.

Max: 4


Lander Cannon

Defense Adds basic attack 2000 Lexite ruins on the Moon: Inserting Uranium into the machine A standard lander cannon which is capable of hurting or breaking things or sometimes both.

Max: 1


Lander Stun Shot

Adds stun attack 5000 A modified lander cannon which shoots bursts of charged particles, which do minimal damage, but can stun creatures.

Max: 1


Atmospheric Stabilizers



+25% descent stability 3000 Improves your lander's atmospheric stability, providing resistance to harsh winds when attempting to land on a planet.

Max: 4


Atmospheric Stabilizers Mark II

+50% descent stability 10000 Greatly improves your lander's atmospheric stability, allowing it to safely land on planets with harsh winds.

Max: 4