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Dying is optional. Just bring the ship back.

Humans or earthlings are a race in Star Control: Origins. Their homeworld is Earth located in the Sol system.

Codex[edit | edit source]

Most space-faring lifeforms in the galaxy have a tendency to refer to themselves by their homeworld's name, and as such, we have similarly adapted to begin referring to our own species, humans or homo sapiens, as earthlings.

Earthlings are primates belonging to the Hominina subtribe. Bipedal and walking with an erect locomotion, they are highly dexterous and possess a natural aptitude for tool use. Combined with highly complex language skills, this has led our species' relative dominance on Earth.

Humans are also very adept at using symbolic communication, using their hands, and making expressive facial motions. Unfortunately, this expressiveness might impede certain first contact scenarios, so we advise captains to minimize their emotiveness.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Faction Relationship Aggressiveness
Drenkend Enemy Neutral
Greegrox Neutral Neutral
Measured Neutral Neutral
Menkmack Neutral Neutral
Mowlings Neutral Neutral
Mu'Kay Friendly Neutral
Phamysht Enemy Cowardly
Pinthi Neutral Neutral
Scryve Enemy Cowardly
Trandals Neutral Neutral
Tywom Allies Neutral
Xraki Enemy Neutral